Welcome to the online home of the First Congregational United Church of Christ in Grand Junction, Colorado, where we celebrate the diversity that binds our community and makes us stronger every day. Our faith community is part of the larger United Church of Christ, which means that we support the freedom and liberty of each person to worship as their conscience dictates. It also means that we welcome everybody who walks through our doors, regardless of who they are or where they are in their faith journey. Whether you are a firm atheist who’s just coming to church to make their grandma happy, a curious believer looking for the right denomination, or a long-time UCC church-member who has recently moved here from another city, we’re so happy to have you join us and hope you get something helpful out of the time you spend with us.

Read on for more information about our church community, our beliefs, and what you can find here if you choose to visit First Congregational United Church of Christ blog.

General Information

Our church community has been here in Grand Junction since the 1890s, when our first services were held in a borrowed revival tent. We held services in several different locations until our current church building was finished in 1954. We’ve been at this location ever since, though the original church building on this site is now our fellowship hall.

In the 1980s, a long-awaited project to install some stained glass windows in our sanctuary finally began. Those stained glass windows brought some beauty into our space, but they were more than just something pretty to look at. There are 88 total windows in the sanctuary, and those windows incorporate Biblical symbols such as flowers, grapes, butterflies, wheat, olive branches, and fish. These elegant but slightly abstract windows allow the viewer to engage with them on several different levels and to spend time in thoughtful contemplation of the story they tell.

In 2004, we renovated our church buildings extensively, and when the work was done, we held a rededication ceremony. It was a lot of work and the chaos of construction made life here at the church a little challenging for a while there, so everybody was overjoyed when the work was finally done and we could celebrate. Part of that celebration our friends from Buffalo came to visit. This dumpster company is great to work with and has been our friend forever.

Our Faith/Covenant

We are a member church of the United Church of Christ, which means our community is rooted in the reforming spirit of our forebears. We are committed to learning about our faith on an ongoing and perpetual basis. We focus on spiritual growth and meaningful worship, which manifests in work for greater social justice and equality, for mission and for outreach. We believe that Jesus Christ calls us to both action and deed.

We tend to be at the forefront of addressing important issues in our society, including being some of the earliest abolitionists, agitators for better working conditions for factory laborers, ordaining women and African-American ministers and joining the Civil Rights Movement. We believe God still speaks to us every day in the world and that God calls us to live our faith in word and deed. We don’t have a specific creed, but we seriously study historic statements of faith. We believe Holy Scripture is authoritative but that old interpretations need to be constantly revisited in light of new information.

Importantly, we believe the diversity of our members and our larger community is a source of strength and wisdom for us all. We invite you to join us and see if our community speaks to you. At this same event you’ll find many dumpster companies located in Fresno & Huntsville! Check out Dumpster Rental Fresno & dumpster rental Huntsville.

About The UCC Generally

The United Church of Christ, or the UCC for short, is one of the mainline Protestant denominations with historical roots in the United States of America. We grew out of the Congregational, Reformed, and Lutheran traditions, and we draw upon those traditions in guiding our paths forward. 

The UCC formed in 1957 with the merger of two older Protestant denominations: the Evangelical and Reformed Church, on the one hand, and the General Council of the Congregational Christian Churches on the other. This history of joining together helped reaffirm our belief in the oneness of the Body of Christ. 

As of 2015, the UCC had about 5,000 churches and more than 1,000,000 adult members. That comes out to about .4 percent of the U.S. population. 

We maintain full communion with many other mainline Protestant denominations, and many of our congregations practice open communion. We highly value and emphasize participating in global and ecumenical efforts to further reunite the fractured Body of Christ by building bonds of faith and kinship among Christians around the world.

Our congregations are independent when it comes to questions of doctrine and ministry, so while national organizations may take a particular position on an issue, the individual congregations do not have to take that same position and may end up taking a different one. We are an extremely pluralistic and diverse denomination.

Programs And Services

Our worship services are every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. during the school year and 9:30 a.m. during the summer (we encourage everybody to get outside after services and experience God’s beautiful creation). There is music at each service and communion on the first Sunday of each month. All are invited to partake in communion. 

We also offer religious education classes for children and adults. For preschool through middle school, children join their families for church services for the first part of the service and then are dismissed to their own classrooms where they receive age-appropriate Christian education. Adults have educational classes before or after worship services. We also have several activities throughout the week. 

For the littlest ones who aren’t old enough to attend classes yet, we offer a childcare corner during worship service and coffee hour so that parents can freely and easily engage in fellowship and conversation with other community members.

We believe that a strong community is a cornerstone to living a full Christian life, and so we make every effort to include each person who visits our church community, no matter their age, background, education, or disability status.