General Information

Our church community has been here in Grand Junction since the 1890s, when our first services were held in a borrowed revival tent. We held services in several different locations until our current church building was finished in 1954. We’ve been at this location ever since, though the original church building on this site is now our fellowship hall.

In the 1980s, a long-awaited project to install some stained glass windows in our sanctuary finally began. Those stained glass windows brought some beauty into our space, but they were more than just something pretty to look at. There are 88 total windows in the sanctuary, and those windows incorporate Biblical symbols such as flowers, grapes, butterflies, wheat, olive branches, and fish. These elegant but slightly abstract windows allow the viewer to engage with them on several different levels and to spend time in thoughtful contemplation of the story they tell.

In 2004, we renovated our church buildings extensively, and when the work was done, we held a rededication ceremony. It was a lot of work and the chaos of construction made life here at the church a little challenging for a while there, so everybody was overjoyed when the work was finally done and we could celebrate. Part of that celebration our friends from Buffalo came to visit. This dumpster company is great to work with and has been our friend forever.