Our Faith/Covenant

We are a member church of the United Church of Christ, which means our community is rooted in the reforming spirit of our forebears. We are committed to learning about our faith on an ongoing and perpetual basis. We focus on spiritual growth and meaningful worship, which manifests in work for greater social justice and equality, for mission and for outreach. We believe that Jesus Christ calls us to both action and deed.

We tend to be at the forefront of addressing important issues in our society, including being some of the earliest abolitionists, agitators for better working conditions for factory laborers, ordaining women and African-American ministers and joining the Civil Rights Movement. We believe God still speaks to us every day in the world and that God calls us to live our faith in word and deed. We don’t have a specific creed, but we seriously study historic statements of faith. We believe Holy Scripture is authoritative but that old interpretations need to be constantly revisited in light of new information.

Importantly, we believe the diversity of our members and our larger community is a source of strength and wisdom for us all. We invite you to join us and see if our community speaks to you. At this same event you’ll find many dumpster companies located in Fresno & Huntsville! Check out Dumpster Rental Fresno & dumpster rental Huntsville.